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Although the California Child Support Guidelines provide a general outline of each party's child support obligations, local child support rules vary from court to court. You should engage an attorney who is familiar with the local rules and judges in the court where your child support matter will be heard.

In the Pasadena area, as well as the broader San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County area, Attorney Vincent Landeros has more than 20 years' experience handling family law issues in local courts, including child support matters. He understands the local rules and can often predict how a judge will rule in a given situation. He can ensure your declarations are properly completely and guide you through the discovery process.

For additional information about our qualities and qualifications, visit our Benefits of Retaining Vincent Landeros page.

Call (626) 304-7062 for a free phone consultation with an experienced Pasadena family law and child support attorney to discuss how we can help you.

Experienced Pasadena Child Support Lawyer

There are many factors that go into calculating child support. It is important you understand those factors, as well as the exceptions for unique circumstances.

A skilled attorney can help you understand if your situation warrants a deviation from the standard child-support guidelines and how your actions can impact the amount of your child support obligations. In addition, failure to properly present your case and complete the required documentation can have an unnecessary adverse impact, possibly costing you additional time and money.

If you have a child support matter, retain an experienced family law attorney who knows the local rules and has the experience to properly advise and guide you through the process.

Contact an Experienced and Skilled Pasadena Child Support Attorney

For additional information about the California Child Support Guidelines, or to discuss your particular situation with an experienced Pasadena child support lawyer, schedule a free initial phone consultation to determine if we are the right law firm for you. Call (626) 304-7062, or, if you prefer, fill out our intake form and we will contact you to schedule a confidential consultation.

Mr. Landeros has earned a reputation throughout the Pasadena, San Bernardino, San Gabriel Valley and East Los Angeles County area for providing quality representation that is tailored to the needs and economical well-being of his clients. His no-nonsense style is appreciated by both his clients and the courts. His goal is to resolve your problem as efficiently and effectively as your circumstances will allow.

When you hire Mr. Landeros to represent you, you get Mr. Landeros himself working on your case from start to finish. Part of the reason for his track record of success in family law and divorce disputes can be attributed to the fact that he works each case from the beginning and becomes familiar with every detail. Other firms will have junior associates work up your case before it's tried by a senior partner who may not be as familiar with the intimate details. Because Mr. Landeros is familiar with every aspect of your case, he is in the best possible position to protect your interests.

As a family law attorney, Mr. Landeros has extensive experience in both areas. His law practice is devoted exclusively to handling family law matters. Those are the only types of matters he handles, and he does them well.

Remember...we can't help you if you don't call. You owe it to yourself to call us today.

Call (626) 304-7062 for a free phone consultation with an experienced Pasadena divorce attorney to discuss how we can help you.


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